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In which our hero has a ladies night!

June 6, 2012

Apparently it is what you might call “typical Ecuador” to have ladies night on Wednesday nights where, if you are a lady (the meaning of this word is up for debate…), you get in to different clubs for free AND your drinks are free.  This Wednesday, I was in definite need of a drink and a dance.  My lovely fellow travelers and I got all gussied up for a night on the town and headed out around 8:30!

We headed to “Gringolandia” (see the previous post) or La Mariscal for a hotspot called “Bungalow” – fancy, no?  Instead of ID’s, we all proffered photocopies of our passports, and after being quickly patted down, were handed cups and ushered inside.  Turns out ladies night means…there are ONLY ladies out at night.  So the bar was bedazzled with muchas chicas!  At 10pm, however, the menfolk would be allowed in.

It was also interesting to see a hodgepodge of decor on the walls…the ceilings were adorned with flags (one of the Independent Republic of California and one a catalogue of the years the Yankees won the World Series…odd), tons of twinkle lights, movie posters, and suggestive images of ladies (to be said with wagging eyebrows).

*Note the strange mask…with sunglasses that look like they came from a Far Side cartoon**

After working up a sweat on the dance floor, we headed to another bar – our last stop of the night – and salsa’d and meringue’d  to all the popular local tunes.

Tired but feeling rather lovely, we found a cab and for 2 smackers got home a little after 12.  Ladies night will most likely be happening again!


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